COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic

S.3669 – COVID-19 International Response and Recovery Act of 2020

Sponsors: Sen. Menendez, Robert; Sen. Cardin, Benjamin L.; Sen. Shaheen, Jeanne; Sen. Coons, Christopher A.; Sen. Udall, Tom; Sen. Murphy, Christopher; Sen. Kaine, Tim; Sen. Markey, Edward J.; Sen. Merkley, Jeff; Sen. Booker, Cory A.; Sen. Wyden, Ron.

This bill intends to respond to the global COVID–19 pandemic by enhancing protection of American citizens abroad during a pandemic, preventing the spread of COVID–19 at the United States-Mexico border, and providing international assistance and leadership for the International Economic Pandemic Response and humanitarian assistance to countries affected by the COVID–19 pandemic.

Current status: Introduced in Senate (05/07/2020)

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H.R.6599 – COVID Research Act of 2020

Sponsors: Rep. Lucas, Frank D.; Rep. Weber, Randy K., Sr.; Rep. Babin, Brian; Rep. Marshall, Roger W.; Rep. Posey, Bill; Rep. Olson, Pete; Rep. Gonzalez, Anthony; Rep. Rooney, Francis; Rep. Murphy, Gregory; Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila.

The OSTP, acting through the National Science and Technology Council, must establish an interagency working group to coordinate federal activities concerning infectious disease prediction and forecasting. Among other tasks, the working group must identify challenges in predicting outbreaks and develop a strategic plan to address them. In coordination with specified entities, DOE shall carry out, and report to Congress on, a competitive research program for the National Laboratories and others to leverage analytical tools and computational and networking capabilities to prevent and respond to emerging infectious diseases, including COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019).

Current status: Introduced  in House (04/23/2020)

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S.3905 – Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021Sponsors: Sen. Rubio, Marco

Among other things, this bill requires a report on biosecurity risk and disinformation by the Chinese Communist Party and the Government of the People’s Republic of China. Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Director of National Intelligence shall submit to the appropriate committees of Congress a report identifying whether and how officials of the Chinese Communist Party and the Government of the People’s Republic of China may have sought:

(1) to suppress information about

(A) the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan;

(B) the spread of the virus through China; and

(C) the transmission of the virus to other countries;

(2) to spread disinformation relating to the pandemic; or

(3) to exploit the pandemic to advance their national security interests.

Current status: Introduced in Senate (06/08/2020)

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H.R.6455 – COVID-19 Commission Act

Sponsors: Rep. Thompson, Bennie G.; Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila; Rep. Langevin, James R.; Rep. Richmond, Cedric L.; Rep. Payne, Donald M., Jr.; Rep. Rice, Kathleen M.; Rep. Correa, J. Luis; Rep. Slotkin, Elissa; Rep. Cleaver, Emanuel; Rep. Green, Al; Rep. Clarke, Yvette D.; Rep. Titus, Dina; Rep. Watson Coleman, Bonnie; Rep. Barragan, Nanette Diaz; Rep. Demings, Val Butler; Rep. Khanna, Ro; Rep. Cicilline, David N.; Rep. Sherman, Brad; Rep. Clay, Wm. Lacy; Rep. Wild, Susan; Rep. Haaland, Debra A.; Rep. Cohen, Steve; Rep. Wilson, Frederica S.; Rep. Trone, David J.; Rep. Fudge, Marcia L.; Rep. Cooper, Jim; Rep. Case, Ed; Rep. Lawrence, Brenda L.; Rep. Phillips, Dean; Rep. San Nicolas, Michael F. Q.; Rep. Vela, Filemon

This bill seeks to establish the National Commission Regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID–19 Pandemic, and for other purposes.

Current status: Introduced in House (04/03/2020)

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H.R.6800 –The HEROES Act

Sponsors: Rep. Lowey, Nita M.; Rep. Engel, Eliot L.; Rep. Maloney, Carolyn B.; Rep. Nadler, Jerrold; Rep. Neal, Richard E.; Rep. Pallone, Frank, Jr.; Rep. Scott, Robert C. “Bobby”; Rep. Takano, Mark; Rep. Velazquez, Nydia M.; Rep. Waters, Maxine; Rep. Grijalva, Raul M.; Rep. Lofgren, Zoe

This bill responds to the COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state, local governments, individuals, and businesses. The bill also modifies or expands a wide range of other programs and policies.

Current status: Passed House (05/15/2020) Yeas and Nays: 208 – 199; Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders (06/01/2020)

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