Developing a New Model for Public Health During Pandemics

Developing a New Model for Public Health During Pandemics

Join Us on August 13, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Learn about a new model for public health during pandemics, as well as Passive Immunity from expert thought leaders in biodefense, politics, sports, and media. Register at

About this Event

Join CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent Jeff Pegues, Congressman Paul Gosar, The New Orleans Saints all-time leading wide receiver Marques Colston, Executive Director of American BioDefense Institute Dr. Ravi Starzl, Attorney and Veteran advocate John Berry, and IP strategist JiNan Glasgow George for a one of a kind forum hosted by The American BioDefense Institute.

Five months ago our health system was put to the test – and was found wanting. All around the globe, hospitals were overwhelmed, and leaders had to cope with an unprecedented and sudden impact on society. In the U.S. alone there have been over 150,000 deaths, tremendous unemployment, and major interruptions in many aspects of American life including business, law, and sports.

During the American BioDefense Institute forum, you’ll hear about a new model for public health that can interrupt the current pandemic, while ensuring our health system and society are better prepared for future threats. This symposium will provide expert data from thought leaders on how the pandemic has influenced sports, law, and business, as well as scientific research dedicated to addressing America’s BioDefense.

This forum is moderated by the great Jeff Pegues, CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent, featuring:

Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar who will be discussing the latest Congress is doing regarding the pandemic

Dr. Ravi Starzl will dialogue about a new public health model and explain the concept of passive immunity

Marques Colston, the New Orleans Saints all-time leading wide receiver and creator of Columbia Business School’s Executive education program for current and retired NFL players

Attorney John Berry will demonstrate changes to the legal system.

JiNan Glasgow George who will specifically address the pandemic’s influence on American Competitiveness

Don’t miss this historical opportunity to hear these great minds work together and address such a vital, immediate, and necessary topic. Register at