H.R.6610 - Director of Pandemic and Biodefense Preparedness and Response Act Sponsors:  Rep. Rose, Max; Rep. Scanlon, Mary Gay; Rep. Norton, Eleanor Holmes; Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila; Rep. Foster, Bill.…

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S.3734 - Bioeconomy Research and Development Act of 2020 Sponsors: Sen. Gillibrand, Kirsten E.; Sen. Markey, Edward J.; Sen. Rubio, Marco; Sen. Gardner, Cory. This bill intends to provide for a coordinated Federal research initiative to ensure continued United States leadership in engineering biology. National Engineering Biology Research and Development Initiative will be formulated to advance societal well-being, national security, sustainability, and economic productivity and competitiveness.

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COVID-19 Pandemic

S.3669 - COVID-19 International Response and Recovery Act of 2020 Sponsors: Sen. Menendez, Robert; Sen. Cardin, Benjamin L.; Sen. Shaheen, Jeanne; Sen. Coons, Christopher A.; Sen. Udall, Tom; Sen. Murphy, Christopher; Sen. Kaine, Tim; Sen. Markey, Edward J.; Sen. Merkley, Jeff; Sen. Booker, Cory A.; Sen. Wyden, Ron.

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DARPA DARPA has several ongoing programs focused of COVID-19 medical countermeasures. Several active programs are engaged in research of rapid detection of COVID-19 exposure or infection in both symptomatic and…

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